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At age 39, I thought I’d have a lot more shit figured out by now,

Turns out I don’t. I’m still learning every goddamn day, usually from the internet or from people smarter than me... but sometimes from people way, waaaay dumber. That’s always a fun lesson.

“Things I Tell My Therapist” is as much a well thought out, laborious process of written art as it is a word vomited clusterfuck that poured out of me like hot cat diarrhea on a white carpet. There were days the words just flowed and I knew that THIS BOOK would absolutely be a New York Times Best Seller. Then there were full weeks that all of my thoughts were total shit that I deleted and then furiously binged Netflix Original Series’ instead, frequently glancing at my laptop lying next to me on the couch and willing it into spontaneous combustion.

TITMT is my collection of thoughts, recalled experiences and conversations of the deep, sometimes dark mind of mew, a mom who dances with depression and PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder), who is exhausted more often than not and who is really, really, really sick of everyone’s bullshit.

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