We're Looking for You

(If you're awesome, fun and entertaining)


So I have this moms club, see...


We're a group of sweary, tell-it-like-it-is, fun-loving moms, grandmas, stepmoms and moms-to-be who wanted a place to belong where we could just be... us.

And while we're in our little club, we like to learn things. Nuggets O' wisdom that are simple, bite sized and easily implemented to make our lives easier, more fun, enjoyable and just plain awesomer (totally a word).

We call it:


So maybe you're a master of a certain subject that you can talk about or demonstrate to us for days. Does that subject benefit women between the ages of 25-65?? Can you teach for 20-30 minutes with action steps for us to take?

Well babe, we're all ears!

(Swearing and real talk welcomed like a MOFO!)

As a Learn From Her teacher, you get:

  • To offer your opt in at the end of your class to grow your list
  • A lifetime membership to the Club fo' free! ($1200 value)
  • To hone your teaching/ speaking skills or test out new content
  • A copy of your talk to use on your website or in promo material

Ready to show us whatcha got?

Here's how it works:

  1. Schedule your time below
  2. At your scheduled time, connect to the Zoom link given after you schedule
  3. Knock our socks off with your knowledge
  4. Tell us how to opt in for your freebie, website or whatever but PLEASE DON'T SELL from the call

Nothing is off limits and we can't wait to learn from YOU! Let's do it!