Want a 7 Day Free Trial in the Best Moms Club on the Planet?

We would have said in the “universe” but we haven’t verified all of those Mars Mom Clubs yet.

Wonder if you'll ever meet other women who GET IT and won't judge you for drinking or baking cupcakes from a box or feeding your kids snacks with gluten in them?

Wish you had a place where you could talk about ANYTHING in your life and have other women jump to support you instead of tearing you down?

You need to get your happy ass in our Club!

What is it?

We're a sweary, HONEST-as-fuck, 1000% supportive, CLUB (via Facebook Group) of moms all over the world who just want some virtual friends to chat with.



If members aren't kind and supportive of fellow members at any time...

It's like wearing a MEMBERS only jacket... but way cooler.

If you aren’t like “other moms” and have trouble connecting and finding friends like you, you’re in the right place.


Join any free mom group on the internet and watch the claws come out when you post about any controversial topic (breast vs. bottle, vaccinations, circumcision or basically anything where people can have opposing opinions).

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I believe that we’re all doing the best that we can and there’s no reason that grown ass women can’t be kind and supportive of each other no matter where we come from or what we believe.

Do you believe that too? YOU are our people!

This makes me sooo sad…

I heard a recurring theme in our retreat attendees’ conversations:

I just feel like I don’t fit in with moms around me and a lot of times, I just feel so alone.”

I wondered if other moms on my page felt that way too. So, I asked. The results… WOMP-WOMP

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So, I came up with a solution that’s affordable, accessible and fun!

Our club is heavily monitored and supported. Not only is there a Facebook group for questions, the dirtiest of jokes and 24/7 connection, we’ve also got education about all things life, marriage and parenting AND live calls so you can connect in real time with real friends all over the world.

Ready to Join?

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See You Inside,