Feel like you're the only one struggling?

Wonder if you'll ever meet other women who GET IT and won't judge you for baking cupcakes from a box or feeding your kids snacks with gluten in them?

Wish you had a place where you could talk about ANYTHING in your life and have other women jump to support you?

You need to get your happy ass in our Club!

What is it?

We're a sweary, HONEST-as-fuck, 1000% supportive, CLUB of moms all over the world who just want some virtual friends to chat with.

We do things like:

Our "Learn From Her" Hour is our expert guests who give talks every week (all calls are recorded AND you can ask questions).

Here's an example class:


For lots of fun, laughs and chatting, we have live calls for us to get together, no matter where in the world we are.

Think of it as your "girls night out"... minus the "out" part and minus a bra...

But that's not all! We also have:

  • Drink recipes (Mongolian Motherfucker anyone?)!
  • A secret Facebook group where we can share, ask questions and make friends without the fear of being judged or criticized by dickbags (like in public groups)

If members aren't kind and supportive of fellow members at any time...

It's like wearing a MEMBERS only jacket... but way cooler.

Misadventures of Motherhood is $25 monthly OR $225 yearly for all of the expert advice, chats, friends, FUN and all of the other amazingness that is inside.

Q: "But Amy, why should I pay to join your Moms Club? Can't I swap recipes and ask for advice anywhere for free?"

A: First, the only recipes we share in our Moms Club are drink recipes. We buy cookies from the grocery store and make cupcakes out of boxes like normal-ass people.

Secondly, yes you can go to any public forum for advice and socializing but so many public mom forums are a breeding ground for one-upness and judgement. Don't believe me? Head over to one now and post a question about breastfeeding, circumcision or vaccinating and watch the pretentious bitches circle like vultures on a meat wagon.

Because our private club is a judgement free zone, our ladies talk about everything openly (myself included)... and I do mean EVERYTHING. I've shared things in that group that even family members don't know about me and I share freely because it's a safe space.

Example: One of our topics recently was to swallow or not to swallow. We shared personal preferences, laughs and experiences as imperfect humans. And no one was judged or criticized. Not one fucking time.

That's why.

By requiring club dues, we can filter out 98% of the Negative Nancys and Judgmental Julie's (no offense to You if your name is Nancy or Julie).

Ready to Join?

What happens next?

1. Click the big-ass, red button to fill out your deets for your free 7-day trial of our private member content

2. Join our trial member club calls and check out the expert library

3. After your free trial period is up, you'll be charged your dues and added to our secret Facebook Group to mingle with our members

4. Bask in the glory of hanging out with the most supportive, awesome moms club on the internet

See You Inside,

P.S. Please only apply if you are serious about joining. We throat punch people who waste our time ;)

P.P.S. You can cancel anytime, so if you get in and for some reason don't jive with our tribe, you can cancel and ride off into the sunset. No hard feelings!

Email TheDrunkMom@gmail.com and I'm absolutely GIDDY to help