You are a Great Mom. Even if:

You drink.

You swear.

You smoke weed.

You have tattoos.

You call your kids assholes under your breathe (or, let’s be real… out loud).

It seems the world expects you to change when you become a mom. You’re supposed to just deal with this #momlife thing and pretend that everything is perfect, even when you’re on the verge of falling apart.


The Drunk Mom is about embracing the crazy, laughing about your fuck ups (because we all have them) and supporting other women who happen to have little, loud crotch-fruit watching them take a shit too.

We laugh, we love and we have fun because life is too damn short NOT to.


I wrote this book…

It’s about my life, full of fuck ups.

Teen mom. Abuse. Mental illness. Parenting challenges. Three marriages.

And how all of that inspired comedy for millions.