Life is Not Perfect... Get Over It

It's so easy to get sucked into the vortex of social media "her life is so much better than mine" land... amiright? How many times have you cyber stalked other people and gotten a case of comparisonitis? It's okay to admit it... we've all done it (I did it three times this week... and it's only Monday!). When you see happy family pictures on Facebook, goals reached on Twitter and perfect recipes created on Pinterest, you're only seeing the good shit.

Seldom do people post that their marriage isn't what it used to be and they're miserable because they get more attention from a wet shower curtain, or that their house is in total shambles or that they feel "not good enough" 1,753 times a day (except for The Drunk Mom, of course).

I've gotten a few messages lately about "how successful you are" and "how much you must be making" because I was on a talk show or because I published a book or because I have thousands of followers. So here's the truth for you:

Truth- I ran a business for almost 7 years before this gig. That business tanked right before I started The Drunk Mom, mostly because I started to hate doing what I was doing. Like, gut wrenchingly HATE it.

Truth- before I closed the business, I spent TONS of money trying to improve it and make it work. So much so that I'm now filing bankruptcy as a result.

Truth- I hate myself for the amount of money and time that I invested because coaches and consultants told me that I needed to. I didn't listen to that voice inside ME, telling me I was on the wrong path. But it was an expensive lesson in paying attention to my own intuition.

Truth- I gave EVERYTHING to that business that one person could, given the circumstances and it still sunk like a fat lady in lead shoes.

Truth- I'm rebuilding a whole new empire, which takes time and patience (which is NOT one of my virtues).

So there you go! Just because you see someone on social media, sharing about their latest success, gorgeous family pictures on the beach or that they published a book does NOT mean that they are successful in every aspect of their life.

I've verified this with some of my other friends on social media too, ya'll. Some people that I envied and idolized years ago fell flat on their faces behind the scenes. You just don't know!

Stop comparing and start making YOUR life the best version of "success" that you can. Capiche!?