So you wanna hang with The Drunk Mom, huh? Sweet.

To make sure that you're not just filling out the application all Willy-Nilly at 2am after a bit too much of the ole' mommy juice, we require a deposit of $197.

Once ya get that handled, you'll get the application and we'll be off to the races! If you're one of the 30 (oh yay, 20 spaces left!) chosen to attend, we'll apply your deposit to your ticket!

There are two payment options:

  • Pay in full $800 (you already gave us your $197 deposit!)
  • Payment plan of 6 monthly payments of $139 (you already gave us your $197 deposit!)

If you're not chosen, we'll refund every penny and hope to see you next time.

IMPORTANT: You will only get your deposit back if you're declined by The Drunk Mom team. We're not refunding deposits of indecisive dickwhistles. Capiche'?